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Step-by-step instructions for obtaining raward for catching CO2 in the soil from


  1. If you use minimum tillage: disking not more 10 cm, no-till, strip-till, (no plowing) and cultivate more than 500 ha - You can participate in the climate decarbonization program, receiving compensation for it.

  2. The compensation is 8 Euros for 1 ton of CO2 catched carbon in the soil. On average, a farm can receive from 40 to 80 Euros per year per hectare.

  3. A contract is signed by Carboneg Group sro (Czech Republic) for 5 years. The contract is exclusive, during the term of the contract, the same fields cannot be re-registered in other CO2 compensation programs.

  4. In the annex to the contract, the fields that the farm submits for monitoring are registered (excel table indicating the number of the field, the number of hectares, which crop is sown). You can register a part of the fields that will not be plowed.

  5. Fields are also provided in .kml format to determine GPS soil sampling points for the level of bound carbon in the soil. (.kml file of the fields can be downloaded from the CropWize program, or we will help you create these files)

  6. After determining the GPS sampling points (1 point per 50-80 ha) - a representative of Carboneg in Ukraine collects these samples, free of charge and sends them to the specified certified laboratory. After 2-3 weeks, the laboratory determines the base level of bound CO2.

  7. Exactly one year later, samples are taken again at the same points and sent to the laboratory. This is how it is determined how much CO2 the farm has tied up in the soil for a year, and compensation is calculated accordingly.

  8. The compensation is credited to the farm's currency account in Euros.

  9. If the catched carbon decreases or remains at the same level within 3 years, the contract with the farm is terminated.

  10. Carbon certificates issued by Carboneg have high quality because they are based on the results of laboratory tests.

  11. We encourage farmers to switch to regenerative agriculture. We can estimate how much excess CO₂ has been removed from the atmosphere as a result of our activities. This program is funded by world-known companies that want to become carbon-neutral as soon as possible, but cannot achieve this with existing technologies.

  12. Participation in the program is free for farms.

"Carbon negative" = Carboneg. We encourage farmers to switch into regenerative agriculture. For each ton of CO₂ reduction, Carboneg pays farmers a reward.
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