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 Investment in animal feed plant or line

Комбікормовий завод, лінія для комбікорму, Buschhoff

With a difference in the cost of own and purchased animal feed, which is $40-50 per ton, investment in feed plant with a capacity of 5,000 tons per year will pay back in 3 years.

The farm receives not only the direct economic effect of a reduction in the cost of feed, but also significantly increases the quality of feed. By controlling the quality of our own grain, which goes for processing, we avoid the possibility of grain with mycotoxins getting into the feed, as happens with corn harvested after October 15-20 or wheat with Fusarium. The freshness of the feed is preserved.

When selecting equipment for a feed mill for a medium-sized farm with 500 dairy cows on the market, we faced the problem that there is either equipment for large feed mills at 20t/h or primitive lines that grind grain and have a fairly relative accuracy of mixing.

At the Buschhoff company, they found exactly the line of equipment from 3 to 5 tons per hour that met the needs of the farm. Maximum automation made it possible to have only 1 operator per feed plant.

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