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Investment in greenhouse Ukraine

Aletnative fuel. 5 years returning investment.

Greenhouse industry of Ukraine is again in a crisis situation. The best fuel for greenhouses is natural gas, which provides not only heat, but also carbon dioxide CO2 necessary for photosynthesis and which increases productivity by 30%. The price has risen from $280 to $1,000 per 1,000 m3 of gas. At this price, the entire income of the greenhouse is spent only on gas and wages. And there is also electricity, a mine of fertilizers, seeds and other costs. Damage to work and damage not to work. If the glass greenhouses are not heated in winter, there is a risk that they may be collapsed by snow.

The question is where to find cheap heat. Let's consider other options:

Wood or sunflower pellets. They also went up in price and since the beginning of the year they cost $75 for 1, and now they are $300. At such a price, there is a profit, but it is so small that the payback of the project is 30 years with a 25-year lifespan of the greenhouses. Of course, no one will invest in such a project.

Coal. In addition to raising the price of coal, there is not enough coal in Ukraine. There is a question of where to put the spent slag. And the economy is almost the same as with pellets.

Heat from biogas turbines. In greenhouses that work with heat from nuclear turbines, there is a difficulty with product marketing. And there are not so many stations in Ukraine. Heat from biogas turbines can be interesting, but it can only be small complexes of 1-2 hectares. The fact is that greenhouses need the most heat in winter, and biogas plants have less heat in winter than in summer.

One of the interesting directions can be the construction of greenhouses with own production of fuel pellets. Agricultural center of Innovation has developed idea of growing greenhouse vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers with the parallel production of pellets for its own needs. To heat 1 hectare of greenhouses, there must be 55 hectares of energy crops, which have a yield of 20 tons from 1 hectare of biomass, from which 1100 tons of pellets will be produced. The payback of such a project is about 5 years. But this is complete energy independence and the use of renewable energy sources.

1 hectare of modern greenhouses yields 500,000 kg of tomatoes or 600,000 kg of cucumbers per year.

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