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Investment in pig farm

Pig meat production in 2022 remains profitable in Ukraine. Several reasons influenced this:

- The price of grain, the main element of feed, has fallen

- The price of pork meat has risen

- The offer on the market has decreased as a result of the occupation or destruction of pig farms in the east of the country.

Despite the war, farms are investing in pig farming and building new complexes or finishing the construction that started in 2021.

Ukraine is attractive for investing in pork farming due to a number of factors.

Growing demand in the domestic market, due to the reduction of family house farms. 2/3 of pigs are raised on an industrial scale on big farm

# 2

Cheap grain - cheap compound feed. Ukraine currently has one of the cheapest grain prices in the world.

Additional profit from applying manure. Income from manure is near to the profit from the sale of pork. A closed cycle pig complex + growing grain on organic fertilizer reduces the payback of the project from 5 to 3 years.

# 4

Favorable environmental conditions. In Denmark and the Netherlands, pork production is limited by the availability of free land where manure can be applied, and all available spaces for farms are occupied. In Ukraine, there are still many sites for construction on which it is possible to have a sanitary zone to residential premises and areas for applying manure. It is expected that with the accession of Ukraine to the EU, many pig farms that do not comply with the rules of location zones will be closed.

The Innovation agricultural center has developed the optimal size of the pig complex and choose the necessary equipment for starting pig meat production.

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