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Soil sampling for the determination of soil carbon content in Ukraine

Within the Carboneg programe, the first stage of soil sampling for the determination of soil carbon content and density in the Kiev region has been completed. Next year, farmers will be able to receive compensation for CO2 captured in the soil during the year.

Carbon soil sampling in Ukraine, CO2 compensation
Soil carbon sampling in Ukraine

The amount of carbon sequestered in the soil is determined through laboratory analysis of samples. Soil samples are taken personally in the fields. The satellite data are used to determine the sampling points on the stratification maps.

Soil samples were collected on 3 000 hectares. The field contains residues from the maize harvest. According to the principles of regenerative agriculture, the soil is not ploughed and is covered all year round.

Getting to the sampling sites, determined by GPS coordinates, was relatively easy. Regenerative practice was used to maize residues that were left on top of the soil surface. When there is stubble in the field, movement is much easier. We also verified in practice that the soil actually absorbs moisture better. This is another advantage of regenerative agriculture.

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